23 December 2009

Atreyu To Tour With The Used

It seems that Atreyu will be hitting the road with The Used in early 2010. There isn't a secure list of dates for Atreyu but you can see The Used's list at their myspace. Tickets are not yet on sale but I will update you as soon as more information on the tour comes.

Atreyu Wants To Know...

Atreyu wants to know what you want to be the next single from Congregation. You can vote here. I've left the poll results up from a similar poll I had not long ago. So far it looks like the majority are leaning toward Bleeding Is A Luxury.

Get An Atreyu Pre-paid Visa Card...

If you're in the market for buying an pre-paid Visa Debit Card you can get it in fucking sweeeet!

Click here to learn more.

18 December 2009

Atreyu and The Used Coming To Fargo On Feb 5th

Inforum.com has posted a news story about how "emo band" Atreyu (their words, not mine) and The Used will be playing Fargo on February 5th.
Tickets for the all-ages show go on sale at noon Friday. Tickets are $26, $28 the day of the show and available at The Hub, Tickets 300 box office at 300 Broadway, (800) 511-1552, or www.jadepresents.com.
Check out the link here.

BryanStars Interview Video With Atreyu

ByranStars has uploaded a video interview from Atreyu's tour. See below.

Thanks to Maria for sending me the link.

Request "Storm To Pass" Radio Contest

Atreyu has devised a new contest which was posted on Atreyu's website today. Check out the description below:
Request our song "Storm To Pass" at your local radio station and enter to win cool prizes including Atreyu merch, Monster Energy Product and a personal video "Thank You" from Atreyu. Station contact info is below. After you"ve requested the song, just email atreyucontest@gmail.com with your full name, mailing address and phone # (optional) and the radio station you requested the song from for a chance to win. We will randomly pick one name from the list of all requests to the station that has the highest bump in spins over a 1 month period. Request often and thanks for your support as always, see you on the road soon.
- Atreyu
See here for the radio station contact information. Happy Contest Calling!

09 December 2009

New Brandon Saller Song Up

Fans of Atreyu may be interested in Brandon Saller's solo project. He uploaded a brand new song today which can be heard on his MySpace page. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Ashley Saller

Many of us know her as CupcakeAsh. Brandon knows her as his loving wife. Happy Birthday Ash!

01 December 2009

PSA: World Aids Day

I rarely deviate from Atreyu news, but today is World Aids Day. A day where we recognize the AIDS pandemic as a disease that effects millions worldwide. It's not a gay disease. It's not a black disease. It's a human disease, and most of all, it's a preventable disease.

If you don't know much about AIDS, get educated today.

We all love to fuck, just remember, condom + dick = prevention. If you can't afford condoms or don't wanna be caught buying them, Planned Parenthood centers usually hand them out for free. Hell, my university does too.

29 November 2009

COTD Review Poll Closes

Well, no shock here. It seems the majority of those viewing this website think that Congregation of the Damned is a five-star album! New poll up!

Atreyu Pics Of The Day #75 - #81

28 November 2009

A Tour Video Blast From The Past

Thanks to Martina for sending me a link to a video I hadn't seen yet. Below is the discription as well as a link to the video (embedding was disabled)! Danke sehr!
Another of my tour footage samplers, this time for Atreyu . I was their European tour manager . This Tour was supporting Sepultura in 2003 . I have cut out and edited the live performances so not to infringe on Victory Records copyright. So it's mainly snippets of festivals and fucking around backstage etc...
The video came be seen here.

22 November 2009

Atreyu 2009 Tour Wraps Up

The 2009 Atreyu tour with Hollywood Undead is officially over now. Did you go? Got any pics? Maybe you just wanna tell the Atreyu fandom about your experience. Hit me up, at atreyufans@gmail.com

Oh and to Atreyu or Atreyu's management or anyone who has the power... next tour, please, Columbus, OH!

Dan and Travis Backstage Interview

BayAreaBackstage uploaded an interview with Dan and Travis. See below.

Atreyu Pics Of The Day #68 - #74